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Start Off Your School Year With: Sophomores and Other Oxymorons

Sophomores and Other Oxymorons - David Lubar

I've read several serious books recently about topics such as mental health and teen suicide. It was refreshing to meet Scott Hudson, hero of Sophomores and Other Oxymorons. Scott is a well adjusted, normal high school sophomore boy, the kind you want for your own children's friend. He's a little full of himself, like most sophomores, after having survived the perils and pitfalls of his freshman year. The biggest worry he has is whether and how to ask his best friend Lee for a date. Will this freak her out? Will it ruin their friendship? Scott is someone who overthinks everything, thus causing himself to dither about this and all other issues in his life rather than take decisive action on any front. As you might infer from the lighthearted tone of the book and this review, all ends well. Scott is a genuinely nice kid and you want to root for him and kick him in the pants with alternating zeal. Like most of us, he muddles through and manages to bring down some embezzlers and save the school newspaper as well as overcome his bad image in two of his classes, English and Biology. Like I said, all ends well. I am channeling Karin Porter and sketchnoting this book. Doing a profile of Scott's head seemed especially appropriate since he spends so much time inside his cranium, ruminating and fretting. It's a fun read for anybody who likes humor and YA books. It's tailor made for any English teacher who likes to teach writing with figures of speech, as Scott's grammar and creative writing teacher works to penetrate his somewhat arrogant skull.


I am channeling Dr. Karin Perry with her wonderful book sketchnotes. She uses iPad, though, and I am sticking with paper. Here's my sketch note: