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Really, A Comic About Dahmer??

My Friend Dahmer (2002) - One Shot Young Jeffrey Dahmer - John Backderf Derf

Well, it's a graphic novel of course. I was skeptical when I picked it up because I am not a huge fan of graphic novels. And of course not of Jeffrey Dahmer either. But the book is by a childhood friend turned graphic novelist. It follows Dahmer's life from 7th grade though shortly after high school graduation. It does not include graphic descriptions of the crimes he would commit shortly thereafter. There are some grisly references, though. The main them is how no adult intervened to try to offer help or guidance to this boy. He was ignored by his parents, his teachers, and other school staff. No one seemed to care that he was drunk and actively drinking at high school every day. This was the seventies and I'd like to think educators are more watchful now. But the kid who blends in can still slip through the cracks. It's worth a check-out and read if the topic is of interest. I think it's fine for junior high and up and know there are kids who would really pick this book up for the sensationalism but maybe stay with it for the message. The author does not spare his sense of guilt that he and his friends were enablers in Dahmer's odd behavior and never brought him to the attention of adults in their lives.