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This Book is a Keeper!

Monday, Monday: A Novel - Elizabeth   Crook

Of course it doesn't hurt that I am a San Marcos, TX girl and that I have vivid memories of the day Charles Whitman climbed up to the Texas Tower observation deck and started shooting people. My brother was in law school there at the time and he and his wife lived on "The Drag," where people were shot coming out of stores. Mom and I were glued to the TV all day and did not find out until that night that they were all right, since phone lines were all jammed. The first part, about the experiences of three students who were victims, is very immediate and rings true. By the time you get through that you will have developed feelings for the characters and will be compelled to keep reading to see how their intermingled lives turn out. Beyond that point, the books is more about families and secrets. All families have secrets, of course, and this book really makes you think about how deception can hurt and complicate lives.


If you like to buy favorite books, this may well be a keeper for you. I bought the Kindle version and wish I had gotten the hardback so I could pass it on since I want to talk about it with friends and family. If you are from the Austin, TX area you should GET THIS BOOK NOW because it's the next One City/One Book choice for your city. If you're not from Texas, that's all right as Lyle says, and you should read this book anyway.


The author, Elizabeth Crook is a San Marcan herself and her descriptions of my home town, especially the happens at and around Aquarena are as crystal clear as Spring Lake. Go on now, get a copy of this book and start reading. It's summer! You deserve a good read.


PS My Librarian Action Figure, Nancy Pearl, gives this one two tiny thumbs up!