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Unforgettable Book!

The Signature of All Things - Elizabeth Gilbert

I thought I had read other books by Elizabeth Gilbert but was mistaken. The book I attributed to her was by another author. I wanted to read one of her books because she is writing a blurb for my daughter's fiance, Megan Kruse, who has a remarkable book coming out next spring. Anyway, this was my first by Gilbert and I'm already reading another by her. This is a book worth keeping if you like to buy, keep, and share books. It is one of the most remarkable books I've read since entering my new role as an active reader upon taking half retirement. The book has unforgettable characters, especially the father and daughter, Henry and Alma Whittaker. The daughter's name took me back to Summer and Smoke and the wonderful Alma in that story. Coincidence? Doubt it. I am a nature lover and the pursuit of botany on both sides of the ocean back in the 1800s was an added interest. The fact that I have been lucky to spend time in The Royal Gardens at Kew on several occasions heightened this interest. But the book is about people, not plants, make no mistake. I became so fond of Alma, who kept on plugging through a life with many trials. And then there was poor Ambrose, whose strengths and weaknesses were so mingled, as are those of many of us. This book is for adults, but can easily find readers among high schoolers who enjoy reads that are a bit more challenging. This book has many of the elements I love--strong characters, a good story, and beyond the story there is food for thought. Go get it! It's summer and you know you want something good to read!


There's a copy available at San Marcos Public Library right now! Go get it or put it on hold. One thing to know...it's not a fast read. Oh and what of hers am I reading now? One of her early titles, The last American Man. Nonfiction. And he's even still alive! I know I'll be liking it here when I finish. Emily and Megan both sent me to read it.


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