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It's About the Characters...

Living with Jackie Chan - Jo Knowles

I have said this before, but I have to like the characters to enjoy the book. Even if the book is for youngsters and that has to be taken into consideration, for me the characters must ring true. I did not read the preceding book Jumping Off Swings, but this story can stand alone. It is a good thing to have a book about teen parents that is told by the young dad instead of the teen mom. Josh is a good kid who made a bad mistake. And just like a good protagonist should, he grows as the story progresses. His Uncle Larry is both loveable and wise, and all the cast of characters rings true. It is a bit of an introspective book with lots of description of Josh's internal struggle, but I think older teens will appreciate this because that's a big part of making it through the teen years. I recommend this book highly YA fans of all ages.