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I Wish I Liked This One Better

Houston Homicide - Bill Crider, Clyde Wilson

I picked up this book at my local library because I have been a Bill Crider fan for years. Lots of Texans like to read his books because they are funny, smart, and the Texas settings are as important as the characters and plots. His Sheriff Dan Rhodes books are clever and fun, and Dan reminds me of my dad. Whenever a new one of these came out I would get it for dad and we'd both read, laugh, and talk about it. When I came across this title I saw he had a co-author and I could tell this book was not going to be as humorous, though there are some funny events along the way. I decided it would be a nice light read and was curious about how the team effort turned out. I'm not sure how Clyde Wilson collaborated because the writing sounded 100% like Crider's. I feel sure he contributed expertise. If you are from Houston or have lived there at any point (hasn't everybody?) you will enjoy all the details about H-town. And the fact that the story takes place in 1969 adds interest if you remember back that far. But the clever plot twists and folksy humor are missing. What is also missing is a compelling plot. That surprised me because in the past Crider has spun some good yarns. I hung in there to the end hoping for something amazing to happen but...nope. If you like mysteries and feel attracted to the Houston setting and 60's time period, you might like the book. Then again, like me, you might not. I really cannot muster any more enthusiasm than that.


CAVEAT...There was one line in the book I really loved and I feel sure this came from Crider. In describing one of the low-life characters, Detective Steve says, "He has the backbone of a caterpillar." Thanks for that, Bill.


To all my peeps who enjoy the San Marcos Public Library, or any library, don't avoid Bill Crider. Just pick up a Dan Rhodes book. Those are fun, quick reads.