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Spencer Quinn Delights with Another Funny Furry Mystery...Not to be Missed!

The Sound and the Furry: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (Chet and Bernie Mysteries) - Spencer Quinn

If I pass you in my little Honda Fit, tooling down Hwy 290 this afternoon between Huntsville and San Marcos, you may see me laughing out loud. That's because I am listening to a Chet and Bernie Mystery. I am going to give this book five stars even though I am less than halfway through. That's because I read ALL Chet and Bernie mysteries and they never disappoint. I am already into this one and looking forward to hitting the road and hearing more. I am deviating from my recent spate of YA reading to enjoy some very light adult fare.


Why the excessive enthusiasm? Because the narrator, Chet, is a large dog of mixed parentage whose voice allows you inside the fuzzy infrastructure of the canine brain. How Spencer Quinn has been able to think like a dog is a marvel, and I as reader/listener am the better for it. I will be giving this book five stars and will blog again when I finish. Right now I gotta get ready to roll so I can get my funny bone tickled.