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Amazing Book! 2nd Wonderful Story Written in Verse! Don't Miss This One!

Brown Girl Dreaming - Jacqueline Woodson

I am so lucky to have access to an ever changing selection of great books! Thanks to Teri Lesesne for loaning this one to me before she even had a chance to read it. I am struck by the variety of formats in which a book can be written. Death Coming Up the Hill was written in haiku, which worked very well for that compelling story. Now I got to enjoy Brown Girl Dreaming, beautifully written in verse. Interestingly, both of these titles take the reader back to the 1960's and would be great additions to any study of that decade. Since I remember the '60s quite well, the settings in both resonated especially with me. Jacqueline Woodson's book is a story of her own growing up years, spent partly in the South and partly in New York, specifically Brooklyn. Anyone who has read other titles by her will have an additional reason to love this book. Brown Girl Dreaming is already getting lots of attention, and rightly so. I recommend this book, a quick read, without reservation to my adult reading friends as well as to all who love YA literature. Don't miss this one!